Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

I, along with my mum, brother, Tita Evelyn, and Tito Ted, watched Batman: The Dark Knight Rises at Resort’s World Cinemas last Saturday. All I can say is that it.. was.. AWESOME!


First, the story. I’m sure the movie was based off the comic-verse story but I’m also sure that the screenwriters made adjustments to the story to make it more “movie-friendly”. After all, it’s not easy to include in the movie every single thing in the comic-verse and I’m sure some parts of the comic-verse would be difficult to portray in the movie. And I think that the writers did a great job adapting the comic-verse story to the big screen. I think that what I liked most about the story is its believability. I know that those things in the movies aren’t real but the thing is, if you think about it, it’s really possible that some of it could be.

Second, the cast. I loved each and every single one of the cast. They really did justice to their characters and it’s always a plus when an actor / actress is able to portray a character that already exists well. People know these characters; they know how the characters would act or speak. It’s up to the actor / actress to bring these characters to life. They have to do it perfectly. And I think that the cast were able to portray their characters well. I applaud Tom Hardy most because of his portrayal of Bane. Considering that he had the mask to work with, he was able to convey the right emotions through his voice, his eyes, and his body language. Awesome awesome job. 😀

Third, the cinematography. Gotham came alive in that movie. The lighting, the camera angles, everything came together to create an awesome Batman movie. I loved how most of the flashbacks were brighter as compared to the present time. Also, I really liked that the action scenes weren’t too confusing. Some movies have camera shots which are confusing (and sometimes even dizzying) to look at during action scenes. TDKR’s action shots didn’t have those (at least for me).

Lastly, Batman’s weakness. My favorite thing about TDKR is that Batman was not undefeatable. Yes, Batman is a superhero, but people have to remember that Batman never had super strength or any other superpowers. What he had, first and foremost, was money. His strength and his intellect were brought about by all his training. Batman is human. And like all humans, he is not invincible. The fact that he has difficulty defeating Bane (and is actually defeated by Bane) shows how human Batman is. As Batman said, he wanted Batman to be anyone. If they made Batman too perfect, no one would be able to be Batman, because no one is perfect.

The movie really was just awesome. 😀

Anyway, that’s all for today. I’m gonna try and write a new entry for my #50bookpledge soon. I’m so far behind that I’m not gonna attempt finishing 50 books this year. I think I’ll just try to reach 25 and if I make it past that, then good for me.

Until next time dear readers! 🙂

♥ Niece


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