Bloggers United, Part 3

Bloggers United 3

Bloggers United 3

Last June 2, 2012, I, along with my sister Darianne and my friend Tateen, attended the third Bloggers United at Grandview Events Place in Makati.

What is Bloggers United you ask? Well, Bloggers United is an “interactive shopping affair”. Simply put, it’s a bazaar where you get to interact with your favorite bloggers. How? Well, they’re the ones selling the items at the bazaar. The items being sold differ but a lot of them sell items which come from their own closets. Coveting a pair of shoes you fave blogger wore? He or she could be selling it at the bazaar. Of course, some bloggers have their own online shops so they could be selling their products there, sometimes at a discounted price.

What  really love about Bloggers United is that you get to see your favorite bloggers in person. Sometimes, it feels like the bloggers you follow are impossible to reach. Not that they aren’t approachable; it’s just that you don’t normally get the chance to interact with them if you don’t hang in the same circle as them or go to the same school or work as they do. Bloggers United gives you the chance to not only see them but talk to them as well. It’s really amazing. 🙂

Anyway, since I found out that one of my favorite international bloggers, Anastacia Siantar, was going to be there, I decided that I couldn’t miss this event. She’s from Indonesia and it’s so awesome that she’s going to the Philippines and I could meet her. So I went there with my Darianne and Tateen and we were surprised at the turnout of people. The line to go in the event was so long, it took up pretty much the whole downstairs floor. It was a good thing we were wearing comfortable shoes or our feet would’ve been dead even before we got into the event.

Once we got inside (a special thanks to Crissey Si and Marj Sia for the free passes), we went straight to the “bazaar proper”. Technically, the whole place was the bazaar since there were also shops outside the room, but the area where the bloggers were in is what I’m calling the bazaar proper. We passed through stalls for Love Diva, Accessorize, and Canon, an information booth for Raffles Design Institute, and also photo booth stations for Clear and Kotex.

At the “bazaar proper”, I got to see a lot of bloggers whose blogs I follow. I don’t have pictures with all of them because I didn’t really have that much time to go around (still had to run to work). But I did enjoy seeing some of them even if I didn’t get to talk to a all of them. I passed by Danah and Stacy of The Plump Pinay‘s booth but they weren’t there. 😦 I got to take pictures with Cheyser Pedregosa, Seph Cham and Shai Lagarde of Love Chic, Valerie Chua, Crissey Si, Dominique Tiu, Marj Sia, and Anastacia Siantar (*cue fangirl scream*). So, I’m still pretty happy. Hopefully, at the next Bloggers United, I’ll be able to take pictures with the other bloggers.

UR: Tateen with Crissey and Marj, UL: Me and Tateen with Seph and Shai, LR: Me and Tateen with Domz, LL: Me and Tateen with Cheyser

UR: Tateen with Crissey and Marj, UL: Me and Tateen with Seph and Shai
LR: Me and Tateen with Domz, LL: Me and Tateen with Cheyser

L: Me with Marj, R: Me with Crissey and Val

L: Me with Marj
R: Me with Crissey and Val

L: Me and my sister with Anastacia, R: Me with Anastacia

L: Me and my sister with Anastacia
R: Me with Anastacia

Even though the place was really full of people, I did enjoy myself while looking around. I was able to buy a few things but not clothes or shoes. My favorite purchase would be the Captain America necklace and ring from True Fidelity (whose owner is Janine Cham, sister of Seph Cham). I super love it and have been using it even at work. Also, I finally own a moleskine! Thankfully, was there selling their moleskines at a discounted price. I also was able to finally see the Fashionary in person and I really want it. I know I don’t draw as much these days but I feel like when I get that, I’ll go back to drawing again. 😀 Can I also just say that I totes love my nautical themed tote bag from Momoko? It’s love the art and the bag seems really sturdy.

L: Momoko tote bag, C: Captain America jewelry from True Fidelity, R: Moleskine from

L: nautical themed tote bag from Momoko by Val and Crissey
C: Captain America jewelry from True Fidelity
R: Moleskine from

Before leaving, we went to the photo booth areas to get our pictures taken. The Kotex photo booth gave us free Kotex. 😛 We lined up for the Clear photo booth but they were having technical difficulties. As much as I would’ve loved having a photo booth from there, we were on a time constraint (as I’ve said for the third time) so we needed to go.

Kotex Photo Booth Picture

Kotex Photo Booth Picture

Well, that’s pretty much it for my Bloggers United 3 experience. I’m excited for the next one and I hope they get a bigger venue to accomodate all the people that will go. I also hope I’ll get to take pictures with more bloggers! 🙂

Anyway, I’mma go now. Until next time dear readers. (^^)/~~

♥ Niece


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