#50BookPledge Book 7: Princess Charming by Nicole Jordan

I’m asking in advance for you guys to forgive me if I end up just babbling through this whole blog post. Somehow a wall has been constructed in my mind that is blocking my flow of cohesive coherent thought. I’m not even in the mood to read fanfics which is one of the things that I love to do. It’s really sad and really frustrating but I figured, maybe I can destroy the wall (or at least put a dent/crack/whatever damage on it) by making myself write. So I’mma try my best for you guys. 🙂

Princess Charming by Nicole Jordan

Princess Charming by Nicole Jordan

~ ♥ ~

For as much as she hated returning to being alone, it was better to be alone and lonely than to endure the pain and heartbreak of an unrequited love.

~ ♥ ~

So for book 7 of my #50bookpledge, I picked Nicole Jordan’s Princess Charming. It’s the first of five books which is/will be about the Wilde cousins. The whole series is called “Legendary Lovers” because each story is inspired by different other stories. This first book is about the Marquis of Beaufort, Ashton Wilde, who is the eldest of the Wilde cousins and is inspired by the story Cinderella.

Here is the synopsis of the book from GoodReads:

In Nicole Jordan’s dazzling new Regency series, the scandalous Wilde cousins seek true love by imitating history’s legendary lovers . . . beginning with Ashton Wilde, Marquis of Beaufort, who takes on the daunting role of Prince Charming to an unlikely Cinderella.

Thanks to the mischievous meddling of his matchmaking sister, Ashton Wilde meets a damsel in distress during the midnight magic of a lavish ball. But Maura Collyer isn’t looking for a prince—or an intimate pairing with any member of the scandalous noble Wilde family.

Intrigued by Maura’s beauty and daring, Ash is determined to aid in the rescue of her beloved stallion, gambled away by her wicked stepmother to an evil viscount. As their adventure becomes rife with peril and passion, Ash suspects he’s found his heart’s desire.

Even though her dearest friend may be her self-proclaimed fairy godmother, Maura is mortified at being pushed into a romance with a notorious rake such as Ash. Dashing and charming, he comes to Maura’s rescue just in time to help her steal back her precious horse. As they flee across the countryside, she can’t resist his sweet seduction. But is her prince playing a role in a fairy tale to test an improbable theory, or is the love awakening in her heart proof of her own happily ever after?

~ ♥ ~

He wanted – needed – to defeat her nemesis for her. If that entailed mortal risk, then so be it. He would die for her, defend her to death, just as he would for any member of his family.

He considered Maura his family now.

~ ♥ ~

My first impression when I read that this series is about five cousins was that this was similar to Sabrina Jeffries’ Hellions of Halstead Hall series. Five Wilde cousins and five Sharpe siblings, both parties without parents and brought up by another relative, and both families are mired in scandal (but because of different reasons). But they differ in the fact that the Wildes didn’t lose their parents in such a tragic way as compared to the Sharpes. Since I didn’t want to be totally biased while reading the book, I decided to try my best to ignore the similarities so that I don’t end up comparing the two so much while reading it.

I think my favorite part of the book is how it reinforces how you should work for what you want. Just like how Maura worked hard to get back her prized horse and how Ash worked hard to not only make Maura love him but to give her what her heart desires most in the world. Dedication and actively working for your goals are the steps to happiness.

~ ♥ ~

“It is up to us to shape our own destinies.”

– Kate Wilde

~ ♥ ~

I also loved how close the Wilde cousins are, having regular meetings with each other to talk about their lives. I think that family is always a good thing and I enjoy series which convey that (like Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series and Sabrina Jeffries’ Hellions series).

In general, I liked the book. I enjoyed both characters, but I have to admit that I was a bit drawn to the other characters in the story (such as Ash’s younger sister Kate). The plot was quite good and it didn’t feel too draggy for me. 

I’m excited for the next book in the series which is going to be about Jack Wilde and will be inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. That promises to be a good read and I hope that it doesn’t end up with a totally cliche story. I’m also hoping the succeeding books will just get better so that I’ll continue to enjoy the books in the series.

I actually can’t wait for Kate’s story. It’s going to be inspired by Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew which is my favorite Shakespeare play.

~ ♥ ~

“I cannot imagine living without you, Ash,” Maura declared solmenly. “I would never want to. You make me feel treasured, cherished, loved.”

“That is exactly how you should feel,” he said simply, “since I treasure, cherish, and love you.”

~ ♥ ~

Anyway, I’m going to go now. I’ve already finished book 8 of my #50bookpledge so I’ll write my pseudo-review for that soon. Bye! (^^)/~~

♥ Niece


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