I Look to the Sky

Nature's Gradients (Part 1)

Nature's Gradients (Part 1). Taken from the pedestrian walkway from The Venice Piazza to Three World Square at McKinley Hill.

I was supposed to write a blog entry about books 2 and 3 of my #50BookPledge today. Well, at least, I would’ve written about book 2 today and written about book 3 tomorrow since I’m trying not to fit all my blogging in one day. (It’s difficult because I tend to procrastinate or I completely lose my train of thought so I end up not being able to write the blog entry.) While walking back to the office from McDonald’s though, I was awed at the beautiful colors of the sky and I started feeling giddy.

It’s not an entirely foreign feeling to me though.

Sunset View

Sunset View. Taken somewhere in Palawan.

As I was taking a picture of the sky, I realized that happiness always bubbles up in me every time I gaze upon the sky. There’s just something about the sky that’s completely fascinating. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is (dusk, dawn, and everything in between); it doesn’t matter what the weather is (sunny, cloudy, rainy, maybe even snowy). The sky never fails to keep me in awe. Even when the sky looks gloomy, I still find myself in a state of happiness.

Looking at the sky reminds me that the world is a beautiful and magical place.

Aoi Sora

Aoi Sora. Taken while walking from our house to our Parish church, Holy Family, in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Manila doesn’t have much greenery around. Most of the cities are filled with trucks and cars and jeeps and buses and taxis and motorcycles. Traffic in Manila is messy and confusing. There are walls on the highway that are painted with graffiti even if the government paints over them every so often. There are tons of billboards that are extremely distracting and “add nothing to the aesthetics of the road” (quoted from my sister @darianneantoni). The streets are filled with bits and pieces (and sometimes piles) of trash. Some of the roads are even damaged and uneven. The river systems, such as Pasig river, are so dirty that they say that there are no living creatures in it. The water in Pasig river isn’t anywhere near blue or green; it’s a dark musty brown, maybe even black.

Of course I’m not saying that all that applies to all places in Manila because I’m sure that most of The Fort Bonifacio area, McKinley Hill area, and the rich areas scattered around the Metro are exceptions to these. The fact still remains though that the Manila area is not always a pretty sight. I’m not going to lie by saying that Manila is not beautiful; au contraire, it’s beautiful in its own urban way. But it’s beauty is usually hidden behind the dirt and grime and smoke and mess.


Horizon. Taken from the roof deck of our house.

The sky differs from the ground in that the sky, regardless of the amount of pollution in the air, still looks beautiful. The colors of the sky is never the same shade of whatever color is in the sky. The sky fills me with hope. When I feel sad, I subconsciously turn to the sky and I feel the burdens of my spirit lift, and my spirit begins to soar. There are times when I look at the sky and I feel at peace, like the sky is telling me that everything will be all right. Most of the time, I feel like a kid who sees something interesting and I end up suppressing the urge to skip as I go because simple unadulterated happiness is overflowing in my heart.

I don’t think I could ever be tired of looking to the sky. It’s one of those little things that people might take for granted but I’ve learned to enjoy. My source of simple joy in the world.

Double Rainbows Amidst the Gloomy Rain

Double Rainbows Amidst the Gloomy Rain. Taken while I was driving home from picking up my sister at Robinsons Galleria.

I’m sorry about my ramblings but I really just wanted to share that. I don’t always feel the pull to write about something so random. But I enjoyed that. It’s been quite a while since I wrote something which helps me find more of myself. I hope you enjoyed reading this too.

Since it’s quite late, I’ll write my blog entry for the book 2 of the #50BookPledge tomorrow. I’ll turn in for the night now. Good night dear readers. I hope you all have the sweetest dreams. 🙂

♥ Niece


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