CW2011 Item: The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

Image Source: A Freelancer’s Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Image Source: A Freelancer’s Ultimate Christmas Wish List

My Christmas wishlist, it seems, is again pretty much dominated by books. I’m having a difficult time filling it up with things that aren’t books. I just enjoy reading so much that I think if the only thing I get from everyone for Christmas are books, I’d be pretty happy. The only downside to having many books is that I don’t have anywhere to place it anymore. My bookshelf is already overflowing with tons of books. Oh well. I’m never going to complain about getting books.

So, the first item on my Christmas wishlist (it’s not necessarily at the top of my list; it’s just the first item I picked to write about) is Lisa McMann’s The Unwanteds. I discovered this book while I was browsing the shelves of National Bookstore at Glorietta 5 with my sister. To tell the truth, I was drawn to the book because the tagline was “The Hunger Games Meets Harry Potter” (at least as said by Kirkus Reviews). It intrigued me since I love both The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

Here’s the synopsis from the author’s official website:

Quill prevails when the strong survive.

Every year in Quill, thirteen-year-olds are sorted into categories: the strong, intelligent Wanteds go to university, and the artistic Unwanteds are sent to their graves.

On the day of the Purge, identical twins Alex and Aaron Stowe await their fate. While Aaron is hopeful of becoming a Wanted, Alex knows his chances are slim. He’s been caught drawing with a stick in the dirt-and in the stark gray land of Quill, being creative is a death sentence.

But when Alex and the other Unwanteds face the Eliminators, they discover an eccentric magician named Mr. Today and his hidden world that exists to save the condemned children. Artimé is a colorful place of talking statues, uncommon creatures, and artistic magic, where creativity is considered a gift… and a weapon.

The synopsis is pretty interesting. What I could gather from the synopsis is that it has certain elements that are present in The Hunger Games and in Harry Potter. I definitely don’t think that it’s a rip-off of either book though. The synopsis just kind of reminded me somewhat of The Hunger Games and somewhat of Harry Potter but the story seemed original to me (considering I haven’t read all the books in the world, I can’t make a hasty generalization).

If the synopsis didn’t catch your interest, maybe this book trailer will:

Anyway, I’m off to sleep. I’ll try to post another wishlist item before the week ends. Try being the operative keyword because I have a pretty busy week ahead of me: I’m part of the dance performance for the company Christmas party which I’m both really nervous and excited about, our team has to finish conceptualizing and shooting our video for the our Tower’s Christmas party competition which is due to be submitted in two weeks, and I’m on duty this weekend. Busy busy bee. 🙂

Until my next post dear readers. Good night! (^^)/~~

♥ Eceined


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