Freewrite – August 06, 2011

She wished she never realized she fancied him.

She could never concentrate with him in the room. Her eyes always drifted in his direction, keeping her thoughts on him. Even when he wasn’t there, he still seemed a constant presence in her mind. She feared that everyone already knew of her feelings, even him. Her heart was usually pinned on her sleeves, open for any observer to see.

She glanced at him from her perch, heart leaping in her chest. Her cheeks grew warm as she remembered her dream the night before.

“It felt so real,” she thought, her lips still tingling from the dream kiss she received.

Realizing that she was still looking in his direction, she quickly averted her eyes and surreptitiously shook her head. She looked around, trying to see if anyone was looking at her with interest. Satisfied to see that no one seemed to notice what happened, she sighed in relief.

She didn’t want to get caught. No. She couldn’t get caught. It wasn’t the teasings she was worried about; it was the awkwardness that was sure to come. She didn’t want to lose that comfortable sense of friendship she had with him. If he found out what she really felt for him, she knew in her heart that there would be an uncomfortable tension in their easy relationship.

Unable to stop herself, she took another glance at him. She was startled to find him looking at her, eyes growing wide as he smiled at her for a few seconds before turning back around.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions? Constructive criticisms are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Freewrite – August 06, 2011

  1. i like the way you write, there’s a nice flow to your words 🙂

    “I’m giving away a pair of shoes, a giant shopper and a bunch of chocolates from Paisley clothing. Visit my blog to enter! :)”

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