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Multiply Shopping

Have you heard of It’s a Social Networking site that became popular in the Philippines around the same time that Friendster did. Well, it used to be a Social Networking site. A few years after Multiply became widely known, online shops started to sprout around it. Fast forward a few more years, Facebook became popular and most everyone migrated to it, Multiply became more known for hosting online shops rather than for social networking.

Of course, with online shopping comes the risk of being scammed. It’s a two way street of course: the scammer could scam the buyer or the seller. Because of this, Multiply has introduced e-commerce for shops hosted on Multiply. This aims to protect both buys and sellers from being scammed and also aims to make online shopping easier. Here are some features of the new Multiply e-commerce system:

  1. Payment System. In the Philippines, Multiply has partnered with Banco de Oro virtual card, BPI, Paypal and Globe Gcash to ensure fast and safer payment systems since buyers will be paying directly rather than individual shops. In effect, Merchants don’t need to open separate accounts to offer different payment options. They just need a BDO or BPI account where will transfer earning to begin selling.
  2. Product Listings. The product listings feature allows sellers to categorize their merchandise instead of just using the photo album function to share their wares.
  3. Stock Room. The Stock Room feature offers merchants a dashboard of product listings for more efficiently managing their business. This is where they can manage inventory, monitor orders and update product listings and track their cashflow.
  4. Buyer Protection. To ensure safe and seamless transactions, Multiply Commerce offers a Buyer Protection program for sellers who opt to become Trusted Sellers. In this arrangement, Multiply will be able to help the shoppers and merchants resolve transactional issues in case of any disputes.
  5. Shopping Cart. Interested buyers can easily buy several items from a single shop or several items from different shops in one go. This feature fastens the purchasing procedure because they need not contact each shop for individual for multiply orders.

If you’re interested in checking out the new Multiply e-commerce system, head on over to the Multiply Marketplace and look around. Who knows? You might find something you’d fancy. And if you have an online shop on Multiply and aren’t using the new system yet, you might want to check out the FAQs and see the advantages of migrating to it. 🙂

Happy online shopping dear readers!

♥ Eceined


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