On the Road to Fitness: Insanity, Day 1

Shaun T's Insanity Program

Shaun T's Insanity Program: Get Fit or Get Out

My sister and I, on our journey to being fitter and slimmer, started Shaun T’s (of Hip Hop Abs fame) Insanity program today. Insanity is a 60 day high intensity (I kid you not when I say high intensity) workout. It consists of 14 different workouts: one fit test to measure your fitness level and is done every two weeks, and the 13 other workouts which are cycled within the two month span.

So for today, Day 1, my sister and I did the Fit Test. It consists of eight (8) exercises which are used to track your progress throughout the Insanity program. It was extremely tiring. I was already trying to catch my breath by the end of the warm up and I was about ready to give up by the end of the second (2nd) exercise. But I persevered and got to finish the whole fit test.

Since the fit test is designed to act as the measure for which to track your progress, here are my first day test scores:

  1. Switch Kicks – 60
  2. Power Jacks – 45
  3. Power Knees – 69
  4. Power Jumps – 20
  5. Globe Jumps – 7
  6. Suicide Jumps – 9
  7. Push-up Jacks – 3
  8. Low Plank Oblique – 30

My push-up jacks are pathetic. 😛 I only got 3 and I wasn’t even able to fully lower my body. But I’m hoping to get better with my push-ups. I’ll probably practice doing push-ups or try to strengthen my arms sometime in the day to be able to improve the number of push-up jacks I can do.

Now, I’ve realized one important thing from doing this fit test: I really need to become fitter. I really had to push myself to be able to do these and it definitely manifested after. My whole body felt unstable (I had to stop after every step while I was climbing the stairs to get to our room) and my head was throbbing (and my face was red too which were both probably due to the amount of blood flowing to my brain). Hopefully though, after the end of two weeks, my body will have been able to adjust to the intensity of the workout and I’ll be able to do the fit test more easily.

That’s really all for today. I’ll go wash my face and hopefully get my blood to flow more normally to my brain. Then it’s sleepy time for me.

Insanity Day 2, Plyometric Cardio Circuit tomorrow! Wish my sister and I good luck. 😀

♥ Eceined


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