Giveaway of the Day: So Fab! and Konichiwear Shoe Giveaway (Closed)

Konichiwear and So Fab! Shoe Giveaway

Konichiwear and So Fab! Shoe Giveaway

Konichiwear is holding another giveaway, this time, in collaboration with So Fab! Philippines.

I am a shoe-addict-in-the-making. The only things stopping me from becoming one are the difficulty in looking for stylish / trendy looking shoes which are still comfortable and finding shoes that will fit my rather large feet. And let’s not forget the issue of lacking the money to fund my addiction.

So, when I read on Dominique Tiu’s twitter account (the lady behind Konichiwear) that she was having a shoe giveaway on her blog, I immediately thought to enter. I browsed So Fab!’s catalogue (after reading one of the blog posts on Konichiwear) and so many of their shoes really caught my fancy. So, why not enter right? Who knows, I might be lucky enough to win a pair of shoes from Konichiwear and So Fab!.

The mechanics of the contest are, once again, simple:

  1. Browse through the collections on
  2. Choose three pairs of your most coveted shoes, like them, and rank them accordingly.
  3. Comment on the contest blog entry with your: name, email address, and the shoes you like (by rank plus their respective links).
  4. In a sentence or two, explain why you chose your first pair of shoes.
  5. Answer the question: “What type of shoe would you want to see for this summer season?”
  6. Follow So Fab’s and Domz’s twitter pages.
  7. Post the link to your twitter account. Don’t forget to make it public or they won’t see it!
  8. Like So Fab’s facebook page.
  9. Post the link to your facebook account.
  10. Follow Domz on Blog Lovin’ if you haven’t!
  11. OPTIONAL: Double your chances of winning by making your own blog post directing your readers to the contest (just like this post).
  12. OPTIONAL: For those with Chictopia accounts, don’t forget to vote for Domz’s latest look.

Easy right? 🙂 So, if you want to try your luck at winning a pair of shoes, why don’t you head on over to Konichiwear and join in on the fun. 🙂

Bonne chance mes chers lecteurs! 😀

♥ Eceined

PS. Contest ends on January 30 so be sure to get your entries in quickly. 😀


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