Let’s Try This: Post A Week 2011!

WordPress has launched Post A Day 2011 and Post A Week 2011 which is a campaign aiming to help bloggers overcome the dreaded mind block and allow them to blog more often.

I’ve always wanted to make it a goal to write more often but the urge to write more has never been more powerful now compared to the past few years. I think it’s mostly because I started to really miss writing. I’ve been reading back entries of my current blogs and it amazes me that I was able to write so often before. And so, I’d like to go back to that.

Of course, the other reason for why I want to blog more often is because I want to hone my writing skills. As with any other skill, without practice, my writing has degraded. I find difficulty in finding the appropriate words I want to use to describe how I feel or what I experienced and I also find difficulty in constructing good and proper sentences. Hopefully, by writing more often, I’ll be able to develop my writing skills again.

I’ve decided to tackle Post A Week 2011 because I know that I won’t be able to follow Post A Day 2011. I’ll start relatively smaller this year and who knows? Maybe next year, I’ll be ready to tackle Post A Day 2012.

Wish me luck. I hope I’ll be able to help others out with their own personal writing goals too. 😉

Good luck to all us bloggers and I hope we all have a good 2011. *(^^)*

♥ Eceined


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