Site of the Day: Reasoning With Vampires

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I am not a Twilight fan.

I read the book because my sister said that almost everyone in her school was reading the book and so, out of curiosity, I decided to read it. I wanted to know what the excitement was all about. After reading, I came to the conclusion that it was horrible. I didn’t even get past New Moon. I only read as far as book 2(!) until I decided to call it quits. The book just compelling my attention. The plot was pretty simple, the characters tended to be Mary Sues, and I found Bella – the protagonist for good’s sake! – completely irritating. Only saving factor for me was Jacob but I didn’t completely like his character either.

Anyway, I’m not here to delve into my dislike of Twilight but to introduce you to a site I found through my friend Yumi yesterday. The site is called Reasoning With Vampires and it’s a Tumblr-blog which points out mistakes in Twilight. Grammatical mistakes, continuity issues, and the like do not escape the criticizing eye of the owner. It’s very amusing; it makes a lot of witty insights about the book along with the corrections it gives.


Twilight - Roadmap to Sentence Hell

Twilight - Roadmap to Sentence Hell

I am a little bit obsessed with grammar (not so much now as compared to when I was High School) and I find that I learn a little bit more about the basics of grammar and good writing. Not to mention, I keep smiling and laughing so hard while reading. The 18 pages of Reasoning With Vampires made my stomach and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much from the funny – and true – remarks from the author.

I’m sure die-hard Twilight fans will find this blog to be offensive but I think that the blog just shows the truth: that Twilight is a very poorly written-piece of literature. I seriously believe that it does not deserve to be the best-selling phenomena it is right now. If I want a good vampire novel, I’ll read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

That, my dear readers, is good writing.

Well, that is all for now. I hope you enjoy the site. 🙂

♥ Eceined


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