Writersblock: Hello Fascination

This little story has been sitting in my mind for almost a week now. For some reason, I couldn’t find the words to put it into writing. Then yesterday, I heard Yfel’s thoughts in my mind, like he was trying to write himself out. I didn’t immediately sit down and write his thoughts though. I let it brew some more and some time in the middle of the night, despite the fact that I have a cold, the cogs in my brain worked to let this drabble out.

Title: Hello Fascination
Rating: PG (Because when have I ever written anything more than that?)
Parts: One-shot
Pairing: One-sided Yfel – Koren
Summary: Her smile was his siren’s call.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Snape or the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Yfel and Koren belong to my friends Beryl and Baj, respectfully.
Notes: Un-edited, un-proofed. Written at 1:27 in the morning, on my iPod Touch. Story is not related to Breathe Carolina’s song but it did inspire the title. Also, first drabble in ages! And no dialogue!

♥ Eceined

PS. Hello Fascination (489 words!) under the cut.

Hello Fascination, A For Fear and Hope of Love and Loss Story
By Professor Keiadara Wildfire

He wished he could dismiss his fascination with watching her sleep.

It started one night, as he got back late to the dormitories from a long study session in the library with his sister. He knew he should have roused her as soon as he saw her asleep on the common room floor, urged her to collect her things and sleep in the girl’s dormitory – on her bed – where it was more comfortable. But as he reached out to wake her, he caught a glimpse of a small smile on her lips and he froze. Before he knew it, her books and homework were neatly placed on the table and he was sitting on the common room floor beside her, just watching her. It was like his brain had turned off.

If Severus hadn’t walked into the common room an hour later, he thought it was possible that he would’ve continued stare at her all night.

As he got to bed, he dismissed his actions as temporary insanity. After all, he couldn’t remember what happened between the time he reached out to wake her and the time Severus entered the common room. There was no other explanation. But his subconscious didn’t agree. His dreams were filled with her and that ghost of a smile on her lips.

The next time it happened, he had just arrived from the holiday vacation. It was some time around midday and there she was, taking a nap on the common room sofa. He would’ve left her and headed for the boy’s dormitory had he not seen the grin gracing her lips. This time, he was aware of everything; so much so that his breathing matched hers perfectly. In that moment, he knew that this would be his undoing. When he saw that she was waking up, he left in a rush, afraid she might see him and ask questions. He avoided her for the rest of the day.

He looked down at the sleeping girl who was using his lap as a pillow and told himself that he shouldn’t be feeling content watching her sleep. He should be rousing her, just like that first night, and urging her to sleep on her bed. But as always, he didn’t move. He blamed his actions, as he did every other time this happened, on curiosity. That the reason he continued to watch her was because he wanted to see more emotions on her usually stoic face. But he knew better. Because if he allowed himself to forget how his sister would react, if he permitted himself to feel anything for her – his heart skipped a beat – he knew that was an excuse. And excuses were so much easier to deal with.

So he just sat there, watching the girl on his lap sleep, dismissing the urge to run his fingers through her hair, caress her cheeks, or lay a soft, chaste kiss on her lips.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions? Constructive criticisms are welcome.


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