Which would be worse, to live as a monster or to die as a good person?

There’s this new anime I’m watching called "High School of the Dead" which is somewhat reminiscent of Resident Evil. Society has collapsed because of the outbreak of zombies which puts the main characters in a constant state of moral dilemma.

In the pilot episode of the series, the friend of one of the main characters (and is the boyfriend of another main character) asks that he be thrown from the roof of the school before he turns into a zombie. He tells the main character that he’d rather die a a human being than to become a zombie.

I think that to die as a good person could never be worse as to living your life as a monster. We might not exactly mean to "live" as monster in the sense of fiction (like a Frankenstein monster or a zombie or a demon), but living as a monster, disregarding your morals as a human being, I would never wish to become that. You might as well be a zombie, if you won’t use your brains for good.

So, live as a monster is definitely worse than to die as a good person. After all, when you die as a good person, then you can be sure that you’ve contributed to the betterment of mankind, regardless of how little the impact that might be.

Ask me anything, I dare you! XD


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