Freewrite – April 19, 2010

She let out a startled scream as she was pulled into a dimly lit room that looked like a supply closet, a hand on her mouth preventing her from screaming. A male voice whispered sharply in her ear, “Shh! Don’t be scared.” She recognized the voice but she desperately tried to get away, her fear and surprise blocking logical thoughts from her mind. The person’s hold on her only tightened as she kept struggling, her body pressed hard against her captor in order to constrain her.

“Please stop resisting. It’s just me. We need to be quiet,” the voice whispered, its tone more gentle. Realizing struggling was futile and tiring, she closed her eyes and stilled, willing her heart and her mind to calm down. “Promise you won’t make a sound.” the voice whispered in her ear and she slowly nodded in reply. The hand on her mouth was lifted and her captor and her were bombarded with a tense silence.

After a few minutes, the person holding her let out a strangled sigh, sounding as if he held his breath the whole time. The movement of his chest made her realize that she was still being held in her captor’s arms, and tightly she noted. Feeling that the air was certainly less pressured she whispered, “If we’re in the clear, could I please be set free now?”

Her captor stiffened for a moment then let out a soft gasp, clearly surprised about the realization that he was still holding her close to him. Oddly enough, she didn’t mind it so much, her captor’s finely toned chest and felt strangely comforting against her back. Her captor unwrapped his arms from her abdomen and stepped back from her as he murmured “I’m sorry”. She turned around, curious as to who it was she was ensconed with in the closet and yet she knew who it was even before she could see his face.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions? Constructive criticisms are welcome.


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