Freewrite – April 01, 2010

Come alone it had said. She was an idiot to be following what that mysterious note instructed her to do. She didn’t know who sent it, didn’t even know what she was getting herself into. But the mystery surrounding the note had lured her in. As the cliche goes, “curiousity killed the cat.” She just hoped it was figuratively in her case.

The hallway was unsurprisingly empty despite the number of people flitting around the hotel. The dim lights and the floor-to-ceiling length mirrors along the walls of the hallway gave it such a scary vibe that people tended to avoid even going near it. Somewhere in the back of her mind, her common sense and survival insinct were telling her to walk away. She didn’t have to do what that note had said. It was just a stupid note. But her curiousity wouldn’t relent. She just had to know who sent it and what they wanted with her. So, she pressed on.

She walked briskly, creeped out by the mirrors. She swore she saw fleeting images of people in the mirror, watching her, following her every movement. It could’ve been her imagination, the dim lights playing tricks on her. But she didn’t want to take that chance. She tried to walk as fast as she could without breaking into a run, the prospect of leaving the freaky mirrors in the hallway extremely welcome.

At last, at the end of the hallway was a single door. The sign on the door was faded so much she couldn’t make out what was written on it. But she knew she had arrived at the correct venue. This place was familiar. Very much like in her dreams. This was it. She reached out her hand, ready to turn the door knob and finally find the answers to her questions. Her heart was beating in fear and anticipation of what was behind the door. She hesitated, afraid she was making a terrible choice but a stronger feeling pushed her to turn the door knob and open the door.

As the door opened, she peered inside the room and immediately brought her hands to her mouth.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent reactions? Constructive criticisms are welcome.


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