Random Bits of Mushiness (June 28, 2007)

Tuesday was creative day for me. I found myself writing bits and pieces of random mushiness and it made me slightly happy. And because I feel so much in a sharing mood, here are the bits of complete and utter romance/angst I wrote.


“Don’t dwell on it so much, just say what’s in your heart. You’ll soon find the truth that was hidden there all along.”

“As much as I love him, his heart belongs to someone else. And whatever I do, however I try, nothing can ever change that. All I can do is smile and do my best to try and make him happy.”

“Good night my muse, sweet dreams.
Let calm sleep ship you to peaceful dreamland.
Where I’ll be waiting throughout the night,
Until wonderful morning light claims you.”

“The sunlight shines on my face
Morning has come again
Stealing me from wonderful slumber
And sweet fantasies of you.”

“I don’t think you see me
But I’m here watching you
You are my muse, my inspiration
The center of my romantic dreams

And so here I am writing
Another love-filled ode to you
The only thing I can really do
To let out all my love for you.”

” ‘They say that if you look into someone’s eyes, you’ll see the person they love, the one they fix their gaze upon.’

I laughed and joked, ‘So, who will I see in your eyes?’

‘Why don’t you look for yourself?’ he challenged, his tone more serious than playful.

With great hesitation and a blush tinting my cheeks, I shyly looked into his bright smiling eyes. I gasped and choked out, “I see me. No one else but me.’ ”

“With a small sigh, I let out all the disappointment in me, and forced a smile on my face to hide all the sorrow in my heart.”

“And as he walked away
The smile faded from my face
No need to keep pretending
I was happy and content

I didn’t mean to fall in love
So I keep on smiling for him
But seeing him makes my heart ache
Because I know he’ll never love me.”


And there’s my mushy romantic-slash-angsty pieces. I know they’re not much but I loved them. ^_^

By the way, here’s something I just learned. Apparently, I’m quite good at guessing things. Steel really does like Armé. I only thought that they’d be perfect in Dreams but…

…too bad Skye likes Steel a lot.

Anyway, I’m gonna go again. I’ll see you later. Au revior. ^_^

♥ Eceined


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